Frequently Asked Questions

We put together the most common questions and our answers to it. Feel free to reach out to us if you still have queries. We are happy to help.
How do I book a tour?

The easiest way is to scan the QR code and text us via WhatsApp when you want to join the tour and how many persons you are. We will coordinate with you according to our tour schedule which is based on the tides. This means the tour starts every day differently depending on high and low tides. Optionally you can also book the tour via our partners like tourbookers and SeyBooking.

When does the tour start?

We are located at Anse Source D'Argent, a world famous beach, with really shallow waters some days a year. To ensure maximum safety for you and nature we need to depend our tour start according to the tides. Please check with our tour agent via WhatsApp for a tour start that fits your vacation schedule.

Is the tour ideal for day trippers?

We usually advise all our guests to stay overnight with at least two full days on our beautiful La Digue Island. There are many reasons for this recommendation:

- As our schedule works with the tides there are days which our tour begins very early in the morning before the first ferry is scheduled to arrive or ends late afternoon with a beautiful sunset after the last ferry has already departed. These days would not be ideal for day trippers.

- La Digue is the most uniquely laid-back and traditional island of Seychelles, our tour being 3 hours long will not leave our guests with enough time to explore the rest of the island and experience the island life in between ferry transfers if they are only visiting for the day.

- Our schedule is usually released 5 days prior to tour date for the most accurate timings. Most guests plan their vacation and book their tour and ferry transfers well in advance to secure their spot. However closer to date they encounter issues with their transfer schedule and tour timing clashing once they are advised on the time of the tour. Hence guests are not able to participate in the tour they especially travelled to the island to experience.

To conclude Day trippers may reserve their tour well in advance however should reserve their ferry transfers only after receiving their tour timings to avoid disappointments. Feel free to liase with our reservations agent for assistance to reserve the appropriate transfer.

Is the tour family friendly?

Our Tour is not only a great activity for couples but is designed for families too. Children love the many experiences we share on tour, especially the coconut peeling competition! We normally do not recommend below the age of 3 years as at certain times with high tides the sea can get slightly choppy towards the end of the tour.

What happens in cases of heavy rain or change in weather?

We try our uttermost to avoid cancelling our tour to avoid ruining our guests dreams, therefore most of the time we will delay the tour slightly if we feel there is a chance of the weather clearing up. In the worst-case scenario, we would then need to cancel the tour for the day and propose guests join the following day subject to availability.

What to bring along?

Kindly bring a bottle of water and some snacks if you wish to have something while relaxing on the beach after the tour. If you have water shoes or slippers, please bring them as well. We provide guests with waterproof bags to keep your belongings safe. So don’t forget your camera or mobile phones to capture the amazing memories we make!

What is the max. weight a kayak holds?

Maximum weight is 170 kg per kayak. If the total weight of a couple exceeds 170 kg, the heavier person is required to pay for 2 seats.